Dr Susan Crockford Talks To Jo Nova About Polar Bears and Climate Change: The Facts 2020

Are walruses the new polar bears – a heartrending icon of the devastation wrought by climate change on the arctic life? The Netflix documentary, Our Planet, would have us believe so. However, evolutionary biologist Dr Susan Crockford reveals how polar bears and walruses are in reality thriving in the Arctic – much against popular belief – and how ‘noble cause corruption’ lies behind the overstatements and alarmism about their imminent extinction.

In her conversation with writer Jo Nova, Dr Crockford also shares how contrarian voices on climate science, including hers, are being silenced and banished from the scientific community for challenging the official narrative of runaway warming and stressed ecosystems. Dr Crockford is one of the expert contributors to the book, Climate Change The Facts 2020, that critiques the current climate science and reveals the failings of key national and global climate organisations.