New Great Barrier Reef Video Series By Peter Ridd And True Arrow Events


Just completed 4 short videos on the reef in front of a brilliant audience of young people in Melbourne. The videos go over the main threats to the reef and the data showing that it is in fabulous condition – record high coral. But the stars are the youngsters and the questions they asked.

I have already given a link to the first of these videos on Facebook, but here are the links to all four of them.

The first video looks at the latest wonderful data on the reef.

Part 1:

The second video looks at the last 50 years of predictions of the doom of the reef and the way farmers are disgracefully accused of damaging the reef.

Part 2:

The third video looks at the effect of climate change on the reef and why corals are more adapted to changes in climate (natural or man-made) than virtually any other organism.

Part 3:

The last video looks at the quality assurance problems that have occurred in reef-science and other areas of science more generally – and how it is now widely accepted in the science community that much of recently reported “science” has serious errors.

Part 4:

Please spread the word about these videos, especially to school children and teenagers. We’ve just got to get the truth out to them somehow.

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