No Evidence of Warming at Mawson, Antarctica

This post provides a link to download as a PDF, Chapter 8 of Climate Change The Facts 2020, “No Evidence of Warming at Mawson, Antarctica”, by Dr Jaco Vlok.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has measured surface air temperatures at the Mawson weather station in Antarctica since early 1954. Temperatures oscillate within a relatively narrow band, showing no statistically significant long-term warming trend. This is the case whether considering the actual historical measurements, or the temperatures subsequently adjusted by the Bureau before incorporation into other databases. The other weather stations in the Australian Antarctic Territory with long records are at Davis and Casey. The temperature series from these locations move up and down in synchrony with the temperatures recorded at Mawson and also show no warming or cooling trends, whether considering the actual measurements or the homogenised series. The temperature series from Mawson, Davis and Casey represent an amalgamation of measurements from different instruments, which could affect trends. In order to properly assess the equivalence of measurements from the electronic probes versus mercury and alcohol thermometers, there would need to be some assessment of values measured at the same time in the same shelter – known as the parallel data. This data is not publicly available.