Climate Change: The Facts 2020

Climate Change: The Facts 2020 is the definitive guide to the latest international research and analysis on climate change science and policy.  Twenty experts in their field from across five countries have written original contributions on the key issues of scientific, political, and public debate about climate change. 

It is published by the Institute of Public Affairs and Australian Scholarly Publishing and edited by Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Senior Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs.   

Climate Change: The Facts 2020 is the fourth edition of the Climate Change: The Facts series form the Institute of Public Affairs that commenced in 2012.  Funding for its publication was provided by more than 1,400 individual donors. 

Contributors include Dr John Abbot, Dr Susan Crockford, Dr Bella d’Abrera, Scott Hargreaves, Professor Aynsley Kellow, Donna Laframboise, Professor Richard Lindzen, Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Jo Nova, Dr Peter Ridd, and Dr Roy Spencer. 

Some of the questions addressed in Climate Change: The Facts 2020 include the extent and variability of sea level change; the historical record of temperature and ice coverage in the Antarctic; the impact of climate change on polar bear populations; the manipulation of temperature data by the Bureau of Meteorology;  the degree to which the Australian bushfires 2019-20 were ‘unprecedented’; and, the prevalence of ‘noble cause’ corruption in climate science. 

While the contributors to Climate Change: The Facts 2020 don’t necessarily agree on the extent that recent global warming may be affected by human activity, they all share the perspective that any such warming is subject to cycles, and is not unusual in its rate or magnitude, and is not catastrophic. 

You can read Dr Jennifer Marohasy’s introduction here.


The following hyperlinks are of particular chapters from Climate Change: The Facts 2020 that have since been posted online for viewing.

  1. Walruses, Polar Bears and the Fired Professor – Donna Laframboise & Dr Susan Crockford
  2. Climate Change in the Polar Regions: A Perspective – Dr Howard Brady
  3. Counting Emperor Penguins – Jim Steele
  4. Fire and Ice, Volcanoes at Antarctica – Dr Arthur Day
  5. Sacred Bubbles in Ice Cores – Jo Nova
  6. Monitoring Temperatures and Sea Ice with Satellites – Dr Roy W. Spencer
  7. Winter Temperature Trends in Antarctica – Ken Stewart
  8. No Evidence of Warming at Mawson, Antarctica – Dr Jaco Vlok
  9. Deconstructing Two Thousand Years of Temperature Change at Antarctica – Dr John Abbot and Dr Jennifer Marohasy
  1. Cosmoclimatology – Dr Henrik Svensmark
  2. The Important Role of Water and Water Vapour – Dr Geoffrey Duffy
  3. Tropical Convection: Cooling the Atmosphere – Dr Peter Ridd & Dr Marchant van der Walt
  4. Reflections on the Iris Effect – Professor Richard S. Lindzen
  1. Rainfall Powered Aviation – Dr John Abbot
  2. Wildfires in Australia: 1851 to 2020 – Dr Jennifer Marohasy
  3. Rewriting Australia’s Temperature History – Dr Jennifer Marohasy
  4. Perspectives on Sea Levels – Dr Arthur Day & Dr Jennifer Marohasy
  5. Climate Science and Policy-based Evidence – Professor Aynsley Kellow
  6. On Blind Beetles and Shapeshifting Birds: Research Grants and Climate Catastrophism – Dr Paul McFadyen, Scott Hargreaves and Dr Bella d’Abrera
  7. A Descent into Sceptics’ Hell – Scott Hargreaves