Fact Sheets

The Climate Change: The Facts 2020 Fact Sheets have been created to provide a valuable resource for students, educators, and more broadly the general public on the topic of climate change science and policy.  They aim to convey complex scientific and policy matters in a concise and easy-to-read format.  The first twenty Fact Sheets are drawn from the chapters of Climate Change: The Facts 2020 released in October 2020.

Walruses, Polar Bears and the Fired Professor
Climate Change in the Polar Regions: A Perspective
Counting Emperor Penguins
Fire And Ice: Volcanoes At Antarctica
Sacred Bubbles in Ice Cores
Monitoring Temperatures And Sea Ice With Satellites
Winter Temperature Trends in Antarctica
No Evidence of Warming at Mawson, Antarctica
The Important Role Of Water And Water Vapour
Tropical Convection: Cooling the Atmosphere
Reflections on The Iris Effect
Rewriting Australia's Temperature History
Perspectives On Sea Levels
Climate Science And Policy-Based Evidence
Research Grants And Climate Catastrophism