This is a hard cover edition of Climate Change: The Facts 2020. Buy now as there is limited stock available.

In Climate Change: The Facts 2020 twenty scientists, economists and other experts in their fields critique the current climate science while advancing our understanding of climate change, and reveal the failings of key national and global climate organisations.

The leading scientists – including Richard Lindzen, Geoffrey Duffy, Hendrik Svensmark, and Peter Ridd – focus our understanding of the physics of climate and the role of water vapour in the atmosphere. Their contributions point the way to a new and more coherent theory of climate.

In key chapters the authors explain the cost to the public of climate programs that have failed; arguing for institutional reforms and policy making truly based on evidence.

In a vital and fascinating section on the biology, geology and temperature records of the north and south poles, Donna Laframboise, Susan Crockford, Howard Brady, and Roy Spencer challenge the official narrative of runaway warming and stressed ecosystems.

Built on a decade-long program of research, Climate Change: The Facts 2020 will be a guide and reference for many years to come.

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